Announcing New Strategic Partnership With The Gadget Company

Hughes Candles Company and the Gadget Company poised to deliver a luxury artisan wood wick soy candle experience for Tulsa County and Oklahoma luxury candle, connoisseurs.

Furthering its dedication to being a top Artisan Home Fragrance manufacturing leader, Hughes Candles Company is pleased to announce its new strategic retail partnership with The Gadget Company.  The new grand opening of the Gadget shop is scheduled for September 20, 2018.

"Hughes Candles Company is ecstatic about building this partnership with The Gadget Company. We love their products, services, and vision of providing Tulsa with the highest quality of outdoor apparel, hunting, camping, and fishing equipment, cutlery, and guided fishing,” said Jason Oelrich II, president of Hughes Candles Company.

"We are very excited to be working with a local company that produces an extremely high-quality product that is appealing to both men and women.  We are really excited for the future of our partnership," said JP Hewitt, owner of the Gadget Company.

About The Gadget Company

Serving a customer base throughout Oklahoma and the U.S for over 30 years with one-on-one customer service, ensuring you receive the correct equipment for wherever your travels take you. We have an impressive selection of custom and factory knives, optics, outdoor cooking supplies and gift items for all your family or corporate needs. Previously located in Utica Square, we are now at the corner of 15th and Boston in downtown Tulsa… next to Mrs. DeHaven’s Flowers.

To explore The Gadget Company, please visit: www.thegadgetcompany.com

About Hughes Candles

Hughes Candles are artisan, hand poured, small batch, all-natural, unisex, wood wick, soy candles infused with beautifully complex and sophisticated fragrances, that showcase stunning burn pools when lit, making the candles essentially maintenance free and a healthier option than traditional candle alternatives.

Hughes Candles Classic Wood Wick Soy Candle Collection

 Alcott No. 23- Fragrance: Nostalgic, romantic, exotic, smooth and spicy.

Steinbeck No. 28- Fragrance: Smoky, woody, spicy.

Thoreau No. 27- Fragrance: Fresh and woody.

Whitman No. 26- Fragrance: Crisp, woody, evergreen.

Emerson No. 29- Fragrance: Fresh and invigorating.

Longfellow No. 24-Fragrance: Clean, cool, spicy.

Hawthorne No. 25-Fragrance: Warm, spicy, clean.

Fitzgerald No. 22-Fragrance: Crisp Evergreen.

Proudly handmade in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

To learn more about Hughes Candles and see our entire classic collection of wood wick soy candles visit: www.hughescandles.com

To explore a wholesale relationship with Hughes Candles, visit: www.hughescandles.com/pages/contact

Media Contact:

 Hughes Candles2608 W. Kenosha, Suite 507 Broken Arrow, OK, 74012





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